COMMISSIONS & BESPOKE print and design

Please get in touch with any projects you have in mind
Be it commissioning a one-off print or a design project.    
Below are a few of my recent commissioned projects. 
Further down are more details that will give you a better idea of my process and fees.

Email: newtondavey@hotmail.com

Campaign poster for Holly Tucker’s “COLOUR FRIDAY”:

One-off prints - like this LOAF print for Today Bread in Walthamstow:

Live printing SHADE print with Printclub at ‘Affordable Art Fair’:

Poster for HurlyBurly Theatre.

Gift cards produced for USTUDIO Design:



All designed and hand Screen-printed by me.

The following designs can be adapted with your
choice of wedding text,
printed in your choice of colours, 
on to a heavy weighty card.

A great print souvenir for your guests to be!

A5, landscape, double-sided.
Printed with your wedding details on the reverse
and in your choice of 2 colours.

A5, portrait, double-sided.
With handwritten text on the front,
further details, (typed font), on the reverse;
and in your choice of 2 colours.

A5, portrait, double-sided.
Printed with or without your wedding date on the front; 
further details on the reverse; 
and in your choice of 2 colours.

A5, portrait, double-sided.
Printed with or without your choice of text on the front,
with further details on the reverse;
and in your choice of 2 colours.

A5, portrait, double-sided.
3 colours on the front;
1 colour of typed details on the reverse.

Prices for all the above pre-designed invites start from £100.00.

Or get in touch if you’ve something more BESPOKE you’d like designing. Such as:  

This wedding invite was designed and printed after consultation with Lucy and Will on their Wild Scottish Highlands Wedding. They asked me to take inspiration from the Scottish thistle and I designed out from there:

Final screen printed Invites
A5 size, 3 colours and printed onto weighty card.

Order of Service
A4 size, (A5 once folded), 3 colour screen printed covers, with a computer printed insert added on the day with the final service.


Please note that one of the most desirable attributes of fine art prints is that they are typically made as an ‘edition’, so the price is much lower than that of other original artforms, including painting. If you are commissioning a bespoke print, then the price will be higher than editioned prints in my shop.

Here is the process to get your very own commission.

Stage One - Initial Concepts

You will provide a brief detailing what you would like from my previous work. I will create two to three bespoke pen designs for you, and you will be emailed photographs of these sketches to select from. At this point there is a chance to iterate and tweak the design before you sign off. Once a design is given the go ahead, and I begin the printing process, it is very difficult to change the design. This is because I print using hand cut out templates and I don’t use computers. This stage takes between half to a full day depending on the complexity and number of iterations.

Stage Two – Creating Templates

I will now need to create the template. I don’t use computers, instead all my templates are handmade, and need to be cut out by hand. Each colour in the design needs its own template. Creating the templates can be half to a full day depending on the intricacies of the design.

Stage Three – Printing

The templates are exposed onto a silk screen which has been coated with a special light sensitive emulsion. The screen is rinsed with water and the emulsion carefully washed away leaving clear mesh to show the imprint of the design. The screen is then placed into the screen-printing bed along with the paper. A vacuum holds the paper in place while the screen is lowered, and a large squeegee pulls the ink along the length of the screen. The ink is pushed through the clear areas of the screen, leaving the design imprinted on the paper. The paper is then placed in the drying rack. If I am printing multiple copies for you, such as wedding invites, then I will repeat this until the desired number of prints are made. This process is repeated for each separate colour in the design. Once done, the screen striped of emulsion and washed thoroughly in preparation to be used again. A simple limited edition, three to four colour print, will take a day to print and dry.

Stage Four – Delivery

If you have commissioned a fine art print, then all that is left is for me to post the item to you. I can arrange framing before I post it if you prefer. A medium quality frame for a 500 x 700ml print is around £200. If you have commissioned a design that need to be digitalised; for example, if it will be use with corporate stationary, websites, marketing campaigns etc; then I can arrange for a high-resolution scan. If you don’t have your own inhouse design team, then I work with several graphic designers who I can subcontract to complete any digital manipulation – for example get the images ready to use with corporate style sheets, websites, power points etc.

The average commission is around two days work but could be more. My day rate is £350, so the average commission is around £700. If you are interested, then please email and we can discuss further. We will normally agree a flat fee based on the scope, but if there are lots of variables or iterations with the design then I will charge a day rate.

Email: newtondavey@hotmail.com