Newton Davey (AKA David Newton):
Screenprinter - Picture book maker - Gold Foiler - Pelican lover!

Graduate of the Picture book MA at Cambridge School of art, London based and member of Printclub London.

I worked in publishing for over 20 years - surrounded by my biggest love and inspiration - BOOKS.

My happy place is where words and images collide, celebrating this in my story telling and printmaking.

I think of myself an image maker and ‘build’ all my images by hand - with no computers! - cutting and scribbling with many types of REAL pens and pencils; montaging and taping to tracing paper to then expose directly to a screen to screenprint.

My prints always celebrate colour and shape. The more clashing colours the merrier! I could design all my shapes on a computer; to get a straight line, sharp curve or a “perfect” circle. But a clunky cut out circle is much more perfect to me.

I love getting my hands dirty in the studio making beautiful mistakes. To me, screen printing is an art form, and I celebrate all the pinholes, mis-registration, crossover of colours, splodges, bleeds and streaks.

My process begins with observational drawing out and about in the zoo, streets and parks of North London, mainly using coloured pencils. Getting outside and sketching the real world and real people usually sparks a story which then allows my imagination to run wild with imaginary scrawling. My stories tend to contain brollies, beaks, beams of light and bags of colour!

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